10 Possible Reasons of Pain Under Right Rib Cage

10 Possible Reasons of Pain Under Right Rib Cage

Often, pain is a symptom of what is wrong if the pain is on the right side. Rib cage: You must find the cause. é rib cage is essential to the body because it helps protect the mental and vascular organs, such as the heart and non-vital organs. The pain felt in this area can range from mild to severe, depending on the cause of the pain.

Causes of pain below the right rib cage


Injury to the rib bone is considered one of the most common reasons for pain on your right side. Rib cage: You may not always realize that you have injured your rib bone, and it may be that you have to go to a doctor to get a diagnosis of the injury. Usually, rib bones heal automatically, but if you have a responsible injury, you may need to recover—rib cage.

2. steel stone

One of the main reasons Is pain in the right rib cage, where the bile ducts are located; they are gallstones. You may not notice the presence of gallstones until they are large enough to strike urine. Attempts to pass urine in these critical conditions can be painful, and the less urine released, the more painful the urination.

3. kidney stones

Kidney stones form from debris in the urine. Smaller pebbles have the potential to pass through the system during urination, while larger stones can cause pain in the proper base rib cage (or left) blocked urinary passage. Fortunately, almost all kidney stones can be resolved with the help of medication, but if the rocks are huge, you may need surgery to remove them.

4. irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Many people do not realize that this is IBS, but it is generally related to configurations of the intestinal tract. These configurations result from problems with the intestinal tract and can cause pain on the right side of the body. Rib cage Open-air pain generally comes from the abdomen but has the power to travel down the right side until it feels like a rib cage.

5. vast amounts of gas.

When you overeat, the body has difficulty digesting food, and if there is a digestive problem, the stomach produces large amounts of acid and gas. The gas can be trapped in any part of the digestive system, but pain can be felt by flatulence on the right side – the rib cage.

6. fecal impact

This happens because the waste in your colon does not flow through your system as it should. If you suffer from obstruction, it is not unique. However, if the stool stays in your system for a long time, it can cause other problems. Constipation often causes pain in the right rib cage due to the position of the intestinal tract.

7. costochondritis

This posture is caused by inflammation of the cartilage in the rib bones holding the sternum. Costochondritis can be very painful, preventing the body on both sides. There are many reasons, but most people think it is due to injury while performing physiological activities such as lifting weights incorrectly.

8. acid reflux and stomach ulcers

If the stomach has been empty for a long time, or if you experience a burning sensation in the throat, you may have acid reflux. When stomach acid flushes into the throat, you may experience pain in the right side of the throat. Rib cage Stomach ulcers that affect the duodenum on the right side of the body are more likely to cause pain there. Doctors must treat both acid reflux and stomach ulcers so they do not cause further complications.

9. liver damage

Liver disorders have every opportunity to cause pain in court. Rib cage As in the position of the liver. Hepatitis, enlarged liver, cirrhosis, liver fat, and liver damage from drugs, alcohol, and toxins all have the opportunity to cause abdominal pain on the right side.

10. combined gestational inflammation

If the appendix, considered part of the small intestine, is infected, this can lead to pain on the right side of the body. The pain is usually on the right side of the body, but the pain may rise below the rib cage. An infected or inflamed appendix takes footsteps to heal quickly, such as how the appendix may tear.

What can be done to address this?

As pain under the right rib cage is Usually considered a sign of a medical problem, the physician must determine the cause of the pain so that they can adequately treat it. The type of treatment depends on the cause of the pain. These medications are as follows

1. divine

Recipe – Prescription drugs and medicines, including medications, have every opportunity to be effective in destroying the disease that causes the correct pain. Rib cage If your rib bone is broken, damaged, or cracked, your doctor may be able to prescribe a medication to relieve the pain.

2. peace

The best healing of a damaged rib bone is at rest, relaxing, as tight as possible. The rib bone can further destroy or damage the rib bone. Your physician can wrap the rib bone to heal the rib bone.

3 ~ surgical connection

Depending on the reason For the inconvenience of the judge, rib cage Surgery is essential. In any case, it is avoided when other healing methods are more likely to resolve the problem with medical assistance. Even though surgery is not severe, thanks to advances in medical science, inhibited head masses are now successfully treated.

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