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11 Essential Oils For Enlarged Prostate and Prostate Health

11 Essential Oils For Enlarged Prostate and Prostate Health

Many readers are interested in the right subject: prostate and 11 essential oils to improve prostate health. Our manufacturer is pleased to report that we have already done modern research studies on your fascinating subject. We provide a wide range of answers based on the latest medical reports, advanced research papers, and sample survey information. Keep repeating to find out more.

The prostate A small gland the size of a walnut that occurs only in males.

These glands produce the watery component of sperm. The prostate The fluid is important for human fertility.

An enlarged prostate (Also known as benign prostatic Dilated or benign prostatic hyperplasia) is an increase in size. the prostate .

BPH is not cancer and does not increase the likelihood of developing cancer. prostate cancer.


Common symptoms of benign prostatic Hyperplasia.

  • Sudden urge to urinate – sometimes subsides before getting to the bathroom.
  • Need to pee more often, especially at night.
  • Droplets of urine after finishing peeing.
  • Difficulty starting to pee.
  • Sensation that bladder is not emptying properly.
  • Weak flow when you pee.

Risk Factors

Risk factors for prostate Grandeur enlargement includes

  • Erectile dysfunction;.
  • Lack of exercise;.
  • Well – being conditions -: mental and blood circulation; obesity; type 2 diabetes, etc.
  • Benign family conditions prostatic enlargement;
  • Age 40+.

An estimated 15 million men in the U.S. have signs of enlarged glands. of prostate According to the State Institutes of Health, enlargement of the glanders.

About 20% of men ages 50-59 are susceptible to prostatic hyperplasia. Additionally, up to 70% of men over age 70 have

By age 90, 90% of men will have an enlarged prostate .

Almost 33% of these men will have benign signs of prostatic hyperplasia that need to be treated urgently. The most important treatment options are

  • Surgery and other procedures;.
  • Catheters;.
  • Medications; and
  • Lifestyle changes;.

Lifestyle changes include.

  • No “belly fat;”
  • Routine small physical activity;.
  • healthy sleeping habits;
  • Quit smoking cigarettes.
  • More than 4 portions of vegetables per day.
  • Mindfulness meditation and other stress-reducing methods.
  • Fatty diet.

Aromatherapy Can Still Help Men prostate problems.

So there you have it, a list of 11 essential oils for prostate health and prostate wellness.

1) Fragrance.Frankincense essential oil

The incense, also called olibanum, comes from the Boswellia family, more specifically Boswellia carteri and Boswellia sacra.

The health Benefits of Incense essential The oil in its primary role is described by its aspirant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, diuretic, digestive, and mucolytic properties.

In addition, it promotes a sense of relaxation thanks to its unique calming aroma and supports nervous and digestive functions with internal use.

2) Oregano

Oregano (scientific name: Origanum vulgare) is an herb originally from the Mediterranean, Asia and Europe.

The most important strong chemical constituent of these essential oils is carvacrol, which has strong antioxidant properties when ingested by oxybenzene.

In addition, oregano oil contains oleanolic acid and uric acid. It is known to be involved in cell physiology in certain ways.

Anticancer and antimatagenic properties of oregano essential The oil supports cancer prevention.

3) Lavender.11 Essential Oils For Enlarged Prostate and Prostate Health

It is derived from lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia), an evergreen shrub considered a North African family with mountainous habitats.

For its calming effect, it is one essential Using the oil in aromatherapy can cure all kinds of ailments, including

  • Headaches;.
  • Nervous Fatigue
  • Migraine;.
  • Nervous tension
  • Confusion;.
  • prostate problems;
  • Emotional stress;.
  • Depression;.
  • Fear;.
  • Tachycardia.

Tip – For active effects, lavender can essential oil with lemon, cypress, pine, grapefruit, basil, ginger, lemongrass, copal, rosemary, and bergamot.

4) Peppermint

Peppermint oil is prepared from the leaves of the peppermint plant (Mentha Pipertita), a hybrid of the water mint and peppermint plants that grow in Asia, North America and Europe.

Peppermint is part of the classic medical practice in the land of the rising sun and China.

According to a study conducted by the Center for Human Nutrition Research on Aging at Tufts Institute, it has strong antiviral and antibacterial qualities.

In addition, it helps prevent cell decay and DNA damage caused by radiation.

In addition, several studies have concluded that the intense merger of peppermint oil (menthol) has the ability to help prevent cell division and DNA damage caused by radiation. essential Oil (menthol) has the ability to inhibit growth of prostate cancer.


This essential The oil is found in the twigs and needles of some Canadian hemlock conifers (Tsuga canadensis).

It is generally recommended for:

  • Respiratory weakness;.
  • Poor blood circulation;.
  • Muscle cramps;.
  • Infection;.
  • Colds and flu;.
  • Asthma;.
  • Bronchitis;.
  • Painful joints;.
  • prostate problems;
  • Muscle strain.

Note – Tsuga essential Petroleum is recognized by the Food and Drug Administration as non-toxic and therefore not dangerous to participate in if you like.

6) Rosemary.

It is made from rosemary herb (plant title-Rosmarinus officinalis).

Rosemary essential The oil has hepatoprotective, antibacterial, antidiabetic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

It contains the antioxidant Orac 33, 000 and is considered the same free constructive controlling power as Goji berry.

In addition, carnosol is a phenolic penic found in this oil and is likely to be a essential oil and is most likely responsible for the enormous antioxidant effects.

Carnosol has anticancer effects on breast, skin, and colon cancer. prostate blood and colon cancers, according to a 2017 article in the journal Cancer Letters.

7) Geranium.

Geranium essential The oil is distilled from the leaves of the Pelargonium graveolens plant. This plant is of the South African family.

This oil can provide relief from rheumatoid arthritis and other neurological disorders.

Additionally, it is effective in healing acquired stress and fear.

Its medicinal qualities are likely to help reduce symptoms of aging and support the immune system.

8) Sage.

It is made from the steamy leaves of sage (scientific name-Salvia officinalis).

The most important components of sage are. essential camphor oil, cineole, borneol, a = = = =.

It is great for aiding reproduction, respiration, and the nervous system.

9) GingerGinger essential oil

Ginger essential Sei inger oil is extracted from sei inger, a long-lived plant considered to be of the South Asian family and counted among the genus Zingiberaceae.

It is a natural disinfectant, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent that can be used naturally in a myriad of ways.

The ginger essential The oil has both natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce swelling and simplify any pain.

10) Thyme

This oil is derived from thyme (scientific name: Tims family style).

Thyme essential The oil has cardiac, diuretic, convulsant, anti-cutaneous, mucolytic, hypertonic, betheca, carminative, antiseptic, cutaneous, emmenagogue, bacterial, suspicious and tonic qualities.

It can aid in healing:

  • Sleep deprivation combined with digestive disorders.
  • Headache
  • Nausea;.
  • Abdominal cramps;.
  • Reproductive system problems;.
  • Stomach complaints;.
  • Stomach acid;.
  • Stomach formation;.
  • Indigestion.

11) Mire.

It is made from the dried resin of a tree from the Commiphoraceae family through steam distillation.

It was high in classical herbal medicine as an herb with the ability to remove stagnant blood from the uterus.

The most important ingredients of the mire essential The oil contains cadinene, limonene, alfapin, cresol, eugenol, formic acid, acetic acid, and sesquiterpene.

It supports the healing of:

  • Candida;.
  • Fungal infections;.
  • Diarrhea;.
  • Bronchitis;.
  • Bacterial infections;.
  • dermatitis;
  • Mouth ulcers;.
  • Wounds.
Source https: // www. sciendaily. com/leteress/2017/03/170308081100. htm http: // www. berkeleywellness. com/supplements/herbal supplements/article/ka n-herbs-shrinking-enlarged-pro staat

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