How to Make Yourself Throw Up

How to Make Yourself Throw Up

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If you feel nauseous after shooting something, then you disagree! Vomiting is more accessible than the nausea you experience. However, you should be concerned if your throw Surrender will be easier than agreeing with the nausea you experience. This can also permanently ruin your digestive tract by scratching and setting it on fire, caused by vomiting. Systemicsicknessa can damage tooth enamel and burn the digestive tract through powerful acids from the stomach. Thus, producing vomiting does not follow in the footsteps of applying for weight loss.

How to Generate Vomiting

1. use your fingers

Once the tongue is shown, place the index and middle fingers on the mouth and back to touch the flap hanging on the back wall of the mouth. Throat: This may take several seconds to initiate the drop. If this occurs, remove the finger from the mouth so the nausea can go smoothly. However, insertion of the finger does not cause you to throw if the gag reflex is not present.

2. use a toothbrush

An alternative to using the finger for gagging is to use a toothbrush, literally using the GAG reflex the same way you would use the finger. To prevent scratching, first wet the bristles of the brush. Next, wipe the toothbrush behind the mouth until the toothbrush closes. When done, clean the toothbrush thoroughly.

3. watch someone else throw him away.

Seeing that someone else is immersed in his work can trigger a material response in our bodies. Even though it may not be easy to find someone else to surrender to in real life, for example, we can watch videos of people who have died while nauseous online in our resolutions. This can cause what doctors understand as compassionate nausea. Yourselff sick.

4. turning around

You are spinning yourself. Turning is a necessary and effective way to manage your illness. Stand or work in a swivel chair. Turn around and get up early until you get a windy sensation that, if it is solid there, is cause for vomiting.

5. drink salt water.

For centuries, people have wondered how vomiting can be produced and have found salt water (sodium chloride solution) very effective. This is due to the effect that excess sodium chloride has on the stomach. Drinking salt water is considered a necessary technique in case one is later unable to vomit. However, one should be very careful about how much salt water one drinks, for example. This is because massive amounts can have a devastating effect on the upper body.

6. get the vomiting means

More harmless ways to get sick yourself To get sick, one can take special emetic agents such as IPECAC, which are cheap and in pill or syrup form. To promote vomiting, add this mixture to water and drink this mixture. The product strongly reduces the walls of the stomach and lifts the contents of the stomach through the digestive tract. After a short time, you may experience initial discomfort before feeling sick.

7. ricinus oil recall

How can it produce vomiting? Ricinus oil is extracted from ricinus seeds, called “caster” because they look like beans. The sources come from the Ricinus communis plant, found in most parts of the world and is, therefore, readily available. Castor bean seeds are cooled after removing the caps to make castor oil. Ricinus oil is an ingredient in inks, dyes, plastics, textiles, cosmetics, paints, soaps, and many other products. However, few people realize that it is an effective natural emetic. It remains a strong laxative and should be taken only in small doses to prevent dehydration. A tablespoon is usually sufficient.

8. use of mustard

Mustard is very offensive and makes it a great way to make one sick. For intense vomiting, add a tablespoon of mustard to a cup of warm water at the bottom of the mixture. Remember to keep your breath and squeeze your nose when you do it because you may find it hard to
You may not feel the refreshing effect right away; it may take up to 30 minutes before the Mosterd has to be vomited. Another thing to note is that this treatment is only effective for some people. Therefore, one of the above methods may work more intensely than the other to produce vomiting.

Risks of Vomiting

Study: vomiting can cause the liquid to become fickle and lead to choking. If nausea does not come, you can get aspiration pneumonia.
Combustion: nausea has corrosive chemicals (usually acidic but sometimes alkaline) that can cause non-sensory burns to the mouth—throat, and esophagus.
Cracks in the digestive tract: forced separation can lead to partial or complete rotation of the digestive tract. These conditions are commonly known as Mallory-Weiss and Boerhaave syndrome. Patients often experience severe pain in the upper abdomen or bottom of the chest and are at high risk for bruising. These disorders often occur in patients suffering from bulimia and acquired alcoholism.
Choking: If someone has fallen unconscious, don’t make them vomit, as this will make them immediately start to stop.

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