Recovery time after operation

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Bunion surgery They are designed to relieve pain and restore normal alignment of the joint. Usually a cut is made in the top or side of the toe and flexible tissue and bone is removed or realigned. Depending on the procedure performed. of recovery Differences from patient to patient. Your foot and ankle surgeon will inform you extensively after the surgery. recovery Veldin’s case may have its risks of bunion Repetition. By following your doctor’s advice to wear an arch support or arch supports, the patient has a good chance of preventing a recurrence.

Recovery time after operation

In most cases, after the operation. recovery period lasts from 6 to 6 months. This depends on the number of pleated tissues and bones affected and the number of your wells. It can take up to a year for a patient to heal completely. After osteotomy or amputation, it can take 6 months or more for the bone to heal. For those who smoke or are in poor health, the healing phase may take longer. A detailed timeline is provided below. You can see what you can expect at some point after treatment. bunion surgery .

First Week

  • Be absolutely delightful and track your feet as much as possible.
  • Apply ice to the affected area to reduce swelling and pain.
  • Start with anesthesia and periodically take your own prescribed anesthesia.
  • Avoid activities such as bathing and swimming, as getting the connection wet increases the risk of tissue damage and infection. Additionally, one can slip or fall while bathing, increasing the risk of leg destruction or fracture.
  • At the end of the first week: undergo a post-operation check and change any unique connections. For pins, screws or plates, you will probably need an X-Ray.

Week 2.

  • Should try to move with the help of a stick or crutches. Stop if this is painful.
  • When you sit up, your legs should stay up as long as possible.
  • Continued insistence on anesthesia can exaggerate physiological forces.
  • You can start swimming and swimming again.
  • Week 2 coverage: adhesion is removed. If there is stitching under the foot, you must wait until the end of the third week. You can walk more, but can take only short distances. The support of crutches is no longer necessary.
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Week 4

  • If you can make the emergency stop without discomfort, you can go cycling again.
  • Walking racks, tires, special shoes, or jams may be used for support. In some cases, systematic shoes can be worn after about 4 to 5 months. However, for some interventions, special shoes may need to be worn for up to 8 months or more after surgery.

Week 6

  • As the swelling decreases, the foot should be normal again, but swelling may still be present.
  • If work has not been done or walked on for many years, you can usually return to work. Ask your doctor about this.
  • Some departments or external threads may need to be cleaned.
  • If you encounter problems performing the exercises, you should go to a physician. This can refer you to a physical therapist who can provide additional support.
  • For certain treatments, you may not apply weights to the legs in the direction of 6 to 8 months thereafter. surgery After a few months of selective weights, the foot becomes soft and special shoes or boots are delivered. This helps keep the bone and fleshy tissue stable as it heals.

3-6 months

  • Usually after 3 months the surgery Is there still one more probationary period?
  • Your bone has healed and you no longer feel pain.
  • Your swelling will diminish. surgery .
  • You will certainly experience the excellent qualities of the path. surgery And if you are encouraged by your physician, there is a form of exercise on a physical level.


During the bunion surgery recovery Do not forget to inform your doctor at the moment if one of the right things happens

  • High fever
  • Bleeding or other small stones from the incision area
  • Swelling in the lower part of the affected leg
  • Increased pain around the incision area

How to promote healing after a pan operation

Following your doctor’s instructions in one month is essential to your commotion surgery You should plan a systematic checkup with your doctor over a period of several months to ensure that your leg is healing well.

1. clothing care

Once you are dismissed from the clinic, your foot is in the context of supporting your toes in a modified position. Keeping your foot in this position is necessary for healing, so be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions with the bandage. Do not alter or disrupt the connection without consulting your physician. If you disrupt the healing process this can lead to a repeat. the bunion Field stitches are usually removed after 2 weeks of bandaging. surgery However, the connection is important to assist the foot in the right direction for 6-12 months.

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2. medications

Most effective anesthetic for postoperative discomfort bunion surgery recovery time opioids. However, they are addictive and may be used only according to the doctor’s instructions. Stop opioids as soon as you feel your pain improving. If your pain has not improved within a few days of using opioids, consult your physician. surgery veldna surgery, in addition to anesthesia, give the doctor medications to prevent infection of the wound.

3. illumination of the swelling

Often, 6 months to 1 year after surgery, patients suffer from swelling of the leg. surgery Ice can be applied to illuminate the swelling, but never on the skin.

4. weight

Depending on the procedure, your doctor will give you strict instructions on how to put your feet in authority. If you lift the foot very quickly or without further help, the bone has a chance to change and the correction will be lost. the bunion The correction is lost. Then you can go to the foot immediately. surgery But you must wear special surgical shoes to protect your foot. the bunion correction.

In some cases, the non-union transporter stage is critical to ensure that the bone heals. To prevent weight from appearing on the foot, a knee prosthesis is usually used, which is a recent candidate with a beautician. The knee has four wheels and functions like a scooter. Place the knee of the affected leg on a soft pillow and guide yourself using the healthy leg.

5. body therapy

Your physician will recommend certain exercises to help you regain power and range of motion in your leg after surgery Field implementation exercises using surgical bonding will help put the ankle Some exercises with marbles can help you resume foot motion. Then you can find some exercises to build the motion range bunion surgery below.

6. shoes

After the initial rehabilitation period, your doctor will recommend that you wear shoes. Protected. the bunion Shoes like sneakers or smooth leather oxfords are best until the bone is completely healed. Note that you should wear prestige shoes until your doctor allows this bunion surgery recovery time. Your doctor may also advise you never to wear high-heeled shoes again.

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