Can Blood Test Help to Detect Hair Loss Causes?

Many readers are interested in the right subject: can blood tests definitely help identify the cause of hair loss? Our manufacturer is pleased that you have already researched contemporary studies on the subject you are interested in. We can give you a wide range of answers based on information from the latest medical reports, advanced research papers, and sample surveys. Keep repeating to find out more.

Hair loss It occurs in both men and women and in most cases is a genetic condition. As a general rule, men are more likely to lose hair from the front of the head and from the rest of the scalp. hair remain intact. In women, the frontal bone of the ancestral scalp is not significantly altered, although it does of hair occur in the scalp. However, the location can be observed at the physical level, but there are certain blood tests to hair loss ? Let’s find out.

Can blood tests help determine hair loss conditions?

In most cases, men do not undergo an investigation to recognize the cause. of hair loss Women, however, usually undergo testing to recognize the cause of hair loss. hair loss That hair loss deserves attention. hair Your own skills are so and that research is done on an individual basis.

Men with hair loss

According to the pattern of male hair loss, also known as alopecia and musculoskeletal, men with alopecia do not necessarily seek a clinical examination. However, when it concerns young men, it may be necessary to test cholesterol levels, which can cause lipid abnormalities. Literally, for example, men with cholesterol levels hair loss The result may be autoimmune problems such as Lichen planopilaris or alopecia, and blood tests should be taken to retrieve TSH (thyroid gland), total blood picture (TB), iron (ferritin), B12, ESR, and ANA. There is still a good chance for ongoing and gift Rostel loan investigations.

Women with hair loss.

For women, it is fundamental to run blood tests to determine hair loss because there are more criteria that have the opportunity to suggest this way. Studies performed in women with hair loss and alopecia hair loss Include serial blood imaging, TTH, and iron. In young women who have acne or overgrowth on the face. hair In addition to total testosterone and SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) should be tested for adrenal hormones (DHEA), ovarian hormones (androstionge). There are all other research possibilities for testing for polycystic ovary syndrome, FSH, LH, blood sugar levels, zinc levels, vitamin D and B12.

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Experts say there is no test to determine which tests hair loss can be ordered for all. However, by asking the patient carefully and performing a physical examination, the physician can know if a lab test is needed.

Other ways to diagnose the cause of hair loss

History of the disease

While checking the patient’s disease background. hair loss The skin doctor interrogates the patient to find patterns. of hair loss This may include starting time, favorite hairstyles, or other family influences. hair loss In addition to other relevant details such as other ailments, favorite foods, recent pregnancy, etc.

Physical Examination

In addition to a blood test to determine hair loss the skin doctor will look at the scalp for inflammation, scarring, ulcers, or redness. He will also give a rough estimate of the amount of of hair being lost , hair fractures and patterns. of hair loss .

In addition, the skin doctor will perform routine tests to determine how healthy the body is. hair This includes a good

Pull-and-break test

This is an uncomplicated test to determine the severity of a disease. of hair loss The The analysis consists of pulling up to 40 threads. of hair They are drawn from a portion of the scalp. If there are at least 6 threads, there are active threads. hair loss And may be one of many appropriate criteria.

  • Telogen depilation, where you lose hair from some part of the scalp, because the process has been interrupted. of hair production
  • Fast anagen alopecia. hair loss as a result of treatment.
  • Loose anagen syndrome, which is the result of hair its root formation from the follicles is not strong enough. This condition is more common in young children.
  • Early Alopecia Androgenetica still known as male pattern. hair loss Male and female patterns hair loss in women
  • Advanced focal alopecia. This is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system loses control and storms these body tissues. as hair follicles.

In the break test, the physician catches some hair with both hands. hair He tackles them with both hands, one tackling the tip and the other tackling the root. He then pulls to see if some strands are torn in the middle. With the break test, the doctor knows how fragile the hair strands are. This test is usually used when the doctor suspects you hair shaft has deviations that could cause dilution, weakening, or stoppage.

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Card Test

The card test helps Your position hair Recognize the number of strands the shaft new hair Growth. During the analysis, a small rectangular card covered with felt is placed on a piece of scalp. Contrasting colors. of hair There are also all different types of skin doctor tests of hair Contains fresh and broken threads. Very thin. hair May show remote gen ejection and short chain of hair Broken ends indicate deviation. of hair shafts.

Trichometric Analysis

Trichometric testing is an advanced computer-controlled research system that analyzes the characteristics of a patient’s scalp. and hair The field system includes a digital evaluation system consisting of small miniature devices, including a small HD video camera (high resolution) that takes pictures of the scalp the hair and scalp. The raised images are displayed on a computer monitor and analyzed for quantity, cross-section, and condition. of hair The pelvis and scalp are examined to determine correct healing.

Fungal culture

Another blood test is used to determine hair loss where laboratory propagation takes place due to the presence of fungus in the cells the hair or scalp. Investigation is recommended if the presence of a fungal infection, such as white worm or tinea capillaries, is expected. the loss of hair .

The dermatologist will scrape off the scalp for skin reference or take or hair months before the selection of incubated fungi produces flattering results.

Punch Biopsy.

In most cases, the skin specialist can certify the cause the hair loss through physiologic testing and may perform trichometric testing as a demonstration. For example, if a scalp lesion is present, a scalp skin biopsy can be performed if additional information is needed. This process is also commonly referred to as a biopsy because a pencil-shaped volumetric device is used to create a cut in the scalp and send a small tissue sample that is brought into the laboratory for study. Punker Biopsy. help Distinguishes between all different types of alopecia.


In addition to blood tests, dermatologists can also use photographs to identify treatment for hair loss Works. This may mean that pictures are taken from different angles before and during possible treatment.

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