Can t Breathe Through Nose: Why and What to Do

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Few disorders are as frustrating as a stuffy nose. When it does not. breathe through nose, it is because the blood vessels and sinus tissue are swollen by water, making it actually difficult for the nose. to breathe This obstruction usually causes a secretion called “nasal flood,” which also causes separation at the posterior lobes of the larynx. Older adults and babies have the opportunity to find this minor health problem, especially if it interferes with their ability to sleep well. If the baby is less, this situation can make feeding, breathing, and sleeping even more challenging.

Why Can’t I Blow My Nose?

Most patients find a good answer to the question of why they can’t blow their nose breathe through Nose. There are two or ten or more criteria that may lead to this problem. The following are considered the most common

1. normal mucus formation

Mucus is produced naturally every day. It flows along the back of the larynx and is swallowed. As a rule, it is unnoticed. However, during sleep, it has less chance to walk and actually restricts nasal backup and breathing.

2. the common cold

Everyone knows the common cold. It is caused by microorganisms that infect the airways. Your mouth and throat are considered part of this system. A person with a cold will probably get swollen nasal passages and therefore will not be able to breathe. 3. breathe through nose.

3. dry air

In order for the body to be able to absorb mucus, the nose and throat must be well lubricated. Dry air can cause thickening and obstruction of the nasal passages. Adding a humidifier to the room can help with this story.

4 Acute Sinusitis

Acute sinusitis occurs when the sinuses around the nasal cavity become inflamed. This leads to a buildup of mucus, which in turn causes obstruction. Tension around the eyes and cheekbones is usually considered a symptom of this condition. It can be the result of an allergy or a cold.

5. allergies

Allergies are your body’s reaction to an incoming unknown medication. They can vary widely from person to person. Common allergies are seasonal reactions to pollen and uterine allergy. They can be magnified when the immune system tries to push out irritating substances, causing the nasal passages to flare up.

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6. acquired sinusitis

Patients who have recurrent periods of acute sinusitis without an exact cause are diagnosed with acquired sinusitis. Even when treatment is correct, this condition may persist for several months. Patients often experience throbbing pain in the cheeks, sleep, and forehead during flare-ups.

7. churrga stress syndrome

This condition is rare and not easy to diagnose. It is caused by inflammation of blood vessels in the sinus area as well as in other parts of the body. This is due to the fact that it can restrict blood flow to the actual organs and can lead to permanent damage.

8. influenza

Influenza is again a viral infection focused on the respiratory system. For example, it can lead to swelling of the throat, nose, mucous membranes and accumulation of mucus. So you cannot breathe through Nose. This position is usually treated with antiviral drugs, but can still stand on its own.

9. different neuustussenschot

The sealing shot of the nose forms a fine tissue wall that isolates both nostrils. If this material shifts to one side, there is another partition, where air flow is restricted, creating a sensation of blockage. The blockage can lead to swelling of the nasal tissue, which still leads to obstruction.

10. medication

One of the side effects of the use of medications that are inhaled into the nose is that the nose becomes blocked by the use of medications that are inhaled into the nose. through The nose means that there is a high potential for tissue damage. When nasal tissue is damaged, it becomes full, causing breathing problems. Additionally, some people may find that alcohol or smoking use causes blockages because the body reacts negatively to drugs. Both are legal but still labeled drugs.

11. nasal polyps

Nasal polyps are caused by small elevations in the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity. These fleshy balls of tissue fill the sinus cavities in response to allergies, infections, or immune disorders. Nasal polyps make it difficult to to breathe because they cause obstruction in the sinuses. They usually shrink automatically, but in some cases may need to be manipulated to remove the increase.

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12 Non-allergic rhinitis

People who have varying allergy symptoms but are not popular with allergies feel non-allergic rinititis. This is a situation in which the body reacts to irritating substances such as weather, medications, or food by igniting the nasal passages.

What if I cannot blow my nose?

In many cases, temporary illumination of a blocked nose can be achieved. through One of the proper manners is

1. use a humidifier

Humidifiers moisten the air you breathe. This helps illuminate the nasal passages and sensitive mucus that can cause blockage. 2.

2. take a hot shower

Hot showers give similar illumination as moisturizing creams; Storog softens swollen nasal passages, lowers inflammation, and restores strength. to breathe .


If you are bedridden, the body needs extra fluids. A warm head or chicken broth helps keep mucus in the nose and the throat closed. In general, it is healthier to increase hydration with water or electrolyzed sports drinks, starting with the release of moisture that has built up in the sinuses.

4. think about neti pots

Neti pots are used to remove irritants from the nasal passages. A combination of salt and distilled water is used to rinse the cavity. Once the irritant is removed, inflammation is reduced and natural breathing resumes.

5. apply a warm compress

Using a heated cushion on a low setting or applying heated compresses to the forehead or around the eyes/nose will help warm up the mucus causing the obstruction. As it warms up, it will naturally escape from the area. 6.

6. drink an allergy drink

Blockages caused by allergies can be treated with antihistamines (Benedryl) or allergy medications (Claritan, Allegra).

7. use the opposite OTC

The last option is the introduction of nasal sprays such as Afrin. These are recommended only for 1-3 days. They have every chance to guarantee immediate illumination, but they are also very addictive and have every chance to ruin the nasal passages over a long period of time. Sinus congestion medications can be taken as candidates to guarantee temporary illumination.

When do you go to the doctor?

In most cases, toe blockage is a short-term complaint and will pass automatically within 3-5 days. If symptoms take longer than 10 days, consult a physician. You are still obligated to go to a doctor breathe through Yellow/green discharge with nose, sinus pain, prolonged fever, blood from nose.

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