Are you pregnant and have no nobility about it?

Many readers are interested in the right subject: can you conceive and not aristocratic hair? Our manufacturers are happy to report that they have already studied contemporary research on this fascinating subject. We provide extensive answers based on the latest medical reports, advanced research papers, and sample survey information. Keep repeating to find out more.

There are some common signs for many women of pregnancy If their stage does not start on time, if they are functioning sexually. There are many opportunities for concealment the pregnancy Include more than 6 months. Considering all the intellectual and physiological configurations that usually occur in a pregnant mother, it is not easy to trust when a woman has no opportunity for nobility. In fact, it is a mysterious skill. pregnancy , isn’t so uncommon.

Are you pregnant and have no nobility about it?

It is difficult to trust, but it is absolutely likely that a woman is wearing a fetus, even without taking into account the fact that she is giving birth! are pregnant , and a cryptic pregnancy It happens more often than you realize. According to a German study, so does the mysterious pregnancy In 1 in 475 pregnancies 20 weeks ago, one in 7, 255 examinations recorded its position when the work began.

While the majority of women feel the usual signs of pregnancy, such as weight gain, i.e., illness, missed menstruation, etc., some women feel signs in these milder signs or reject them altogether wrong or for other reasons. Rarely, women in the third trimester are often appointed to a doctor because they feel sick, but the cause of their inability and stomach complaints has been discovered. was pregnancy .

Possible Reasons Why You May Not Realize You Are Pregnant

Can you be pregnant And you do not understand it? Yes, and there are two reasons why women have mysterious pregnancies. are pregnant First, they deny it. the pregnancy And second, their signs are not clear.

1. overweight or obese.

Some obese or overweight women are not necessarily aware of the normal physical configuration of the fetus that develops in them, and excess fat has the ability to isolate them from noticing the baby’s movements and effects. It is also true that overweight women often menstruate irregularly. This is because the back fat and abdomen produce androstenedione, which is converted to estrogen, causing hormonal imbalances.

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2. hormonal imbalance or irregular menstruation

If your periods are often irregular, you do not necessarily have to assume that missed phases equal pregnancy And mysterious pregnancies sometimes occur in women who have hormonal imbalances such as

  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).
  • The percentage of fat is quite low and the hormonal imbalance is comparable to an athlete’s imbalance.
  • You are not yet. pregnant And your hormones have not returned to normal before you pregnant again.
  • You were still breastfeeding and getting it! pregnant again.
  • Not long ago, you used or are using birth control, which gives your body hormones every day

3. early failure

Can you be pregnant And you can’t imagine this? Yes, it is very likely. If you are preoccupied with bloated belly, nausea, vomiting, and other stomach problems, you may be amortizing an expired stomach and thus morning sickness, like G. I. complaints. After a few months, when it disappears, you will think everything is over and you will not notice that you have just had a personal first trimester.

4. negative pregnancy test

The technique by which Fetus reports its own request is the release of a hormone known as human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG). This hormone prepares the house. pregnancy Test is positive. Take a false negative test at home. pregnancy Perhaps the test is if the baby produces an incorrect amount of HCG and therefore goes unnoticed by the mother. Other conditions for an unjustified negative are

  • You pee with a test rod very early in the day. the pregnancy If your body does not produce the required amount of hormones.
  • Drink a lot for the test so that your urine is diluted.
  • Do not follow the instructions.

Always do the test again as a backup. pregnancy Draw a picture and ask your doctor to investigate to be sure.

5. peri-menopause

Women from the mid-40’s to the end of the 40’s attract irregularities in their menstrual cycle, commonly referred to as perimenopause. It also triggers cycles that stop for several months before he advances again and other symptoms such as chagrin and weight gain. Nonetheless, they are considered symptoms of the fact that the baby is still on the road.

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6. no signs of a significant relationship

Some girls have succeeded in having almost no symptoms at all! pregnancy For example, morning sickness, fatigue, hunger for food, headache, pain, backache. In other cases, women may have slight symptoms that are thus considered about other health problems, such as stomach complaints, intestinal infections, cramps transferred by food, etc. It is good that the baby has begun to move and kick in the later stages, but not all babies do so. The baby may move, but the placenta is in front of the baby and the woman experiences nothing.

7. stress

Even if a woman has no history of psychological standards and may be affected by external stressors, such as problems with relationships or money issues, stress can still have an impact. But you can. be pregnant And can you not imagine it? Yes, the last stress is known to be an indicator of miscarriage, which in some cases goes unnoticed.

8. inexperience

Young mothers, especially when giving birth for the first time. pregnancy Sometimes do not understand what they are going through. They often overlook it and say they suffer from flatulence or attribute it to other day-to-day natural causes. In some cases, a fair denial may be that they may be pregnant suspend support for much of the prenatal period.

9. psychiatric problems

Women with psychological problems such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder may not overcome them. pregnancy And ignore them. Women with psychiatric disorders have every opportunity to trust that something other than a baby is growing inside them, such as a blood clot or cancer.

10. infertility

Progressive medicine has made it more predictable whether a woman has a chance of conceiving or not, but incomprehensible tests and infertility experts are not always accurate. Almost every woman who gave up hope long ago. pregnant And in some cases, old women may be almost always wrong. pregnancy Symptoms such as menopause.

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Alex Koliada, PhD

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