Can You Have Sex with BV?

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Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is common and can be seen in any woman; BV is considered the collective name for vaginal infection. Considered the result of changes in the level of vaginal microorganisms, these configurations can occur for a variety of reasons. But the treatment is simple, for example with Medical treatment is not safe if left untreated. In fact, it can cause pregnancy complications and increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Can You Have Sex with BV?

This depends on the source of the microbial imbalance.

  • If the infection was not caused by a sexual partner, sex with Bacterial vaginosis is not a sexual transfer, avoiding sex definitely does not get rid of the infection previously. However, sexual intercourse can be painful or uncomfortable without permanent damage.
  • If infection occurs as a result of sexual arousal, it is important that both you and your symptomatic partner wait sexually to prevent reinfection.

Note, for example, that you should not be touched by your male partner. Nevertheless, for example, the causative organism has every opportunity to be sexually distributed to other women. All female partners must be examined by a physician and may need to be treated.

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Engage in safe sexual intercourse.

If you are concerned that uterine disorders are caused by sexual partners, follow these tips

  • Use protection during sex.
  • Use a dental dam, a narrow piece of latex, to protect the vagina from infection during oral sex.
  • If using adult toys, cover them with condoms to keep them clean. If you share sex toy with your partner, cover it with a new condom first.

For example, how do you recognize if you have

There is no way to recognize and there may be virtually no signs and symptoms. However, signs and symptoms may be related to each other.

  • Unusual milky, gray, frothy, or liquid vaginal discharge
  • Fishy scent after intercourse
  • Painful urination with a burning sensation
  • Vaginal itching around the outside of the vagina
  • General vaginal irritation

Diagnosis of your condition

Other health problems, especially fungal infections, are very likely to resemble each other. Only a medical professional can determine if you have it, for example. We’ll begin discussing your medical condition. with Doctor. They will then examine your vagina. They will probably take a vaginal water sample using a swab. There is usually no need to do an absolute internal test.

How do you get one?

First, there is a bacterial imbalance in the vagina where so many microbial species develop. Generally, this is the result of a chemical imbalance, which is assumed to increase bacteria. Ultimately, bad bacteria outnumber good bacteria.

BV is not a sexually transmitted disease. However, the microbial imbalance that causes infection can be caused by new sex partners, abundant sex partners, or coils. It can also be caused by self – hygienic products containing aggressive chemicals such as shower gels, wheat baths, perfume soaps, deodorants, tampons, sprays, or feminine hygiene products. For example, it could be caused by a vaginal shower bag with harsh chemicals.

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Does it cause serious problems?

Generally, for example, it does not involve serious risks, only frustration. However, during pregnancy, it can increase the risk of complications and miscarriages. However, this is rare and may actually increase the likelihood of causing these difficulties if, for example, difficulties were still present in a previous pregnancy. bV can increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

How can it be treated?

BV is treated with Antibiotics, vaginal or oral. This will kill the bacteria causing the symptoms. At the very least, the symptoms still have a chance to return, even after healing. For example, they may not disappear without healing.

Can you have sex with bv?For example, it is especially important to be careful because the reproductive system is sensitive to inflammation and infection.

With you there is a good chance it will with antibiotics if:

  • Stick to your symptoms.
  • You are pregnant and have symptoms.
  • You are planning to undergo a surgical abortion, hysterectomy, or other similar invasive surgery of the reproductive system.

Can you prevent this?

  • Even after treatment. with For example, antibiotics may come back. Take all medications.
  • Reduce the number of sexual partners and use a condom every time you have sex.
  • Always use condoms so that bacteria and chemicals are balanced.
  • Always use good hygiene, wash anus and vagina daily and wipe front to back.
  • Always wear loose-fitting, preferably trousers and cotton underwear.

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