Causes and Treatments for Burning Sensation in Head

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A burning sensation Maybe you have one of the most annoying things on your mind. It can be caused by sunscreen or chemicals. There are other disorders, some of which are more serious and require a correct diagnosis urgently. Healing can follow closely according to the main disease.

Causes of burning head

Causes and Treatments for Burning Sensation in Head

1. sinusitis

Sinusitis is common and can meet people of all ages. Some of the symptoms are fever, pain, discomfort in the face, head and teeth, and acquired nasal congestion. Some people still complain a burning sensation In their minds, this is related to a widespread sinus infection.

2. occipital neuralgia.

Burning sensation Localization in mind can be the result of occipital neuralgia. The occipital nerve is responsible sensation in the back of the head, and if it is affected by inflammation, degeneration, or another injury, you can notice the right signs.

  • Throbbing pain that comes to the head cause and spreads to the scalp.
  • Pain behind the eyes.
  • Inability to tolerate bright light.
  • Pain when moving the neck.

3. nerve pain trigeminal nerve.

Another possible cause. for burning sensation Trigeminal neuralgia. The trigeminal nerve is considered the body’s fifth cranial nerve, sensation personality and head. Patients suffering from this condition complain of sharp pain. and burning sensation It can do so without warning and can last for several hours. It is not easy to predict when symptoms will occur.

Treatment of Burning Sensation in the Head

1. treatment of sinusitis

Medical Treatment

  • Antibiotics. Since one of the causes of sinusitis is considered a bacterial infection, medication may be the solution if the physician believes this to be the case. The duration of these medications may vary from a few months to longer.
  • Painkillers: normal freely available painkillers such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen can be used.
  • Nose decongestants: are available in the form of pills or nasal sprays. When using them, care should be taken as they can increase a stuffy nose after a few days.
  • Allergy Medications. Anti-allergic agents such as antihistamines can help relieve sinusitis.
  • Steroids: Inhaled steroids or tablets may be prescribed for severe sinus swelling.
  • Surgery: In cases of recurrent and persistent sinusitis, surgery may be performed to correct anatomical abnormalities.
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Home Therapy

  • Humidification: Place humidifiers in rooms where patients spend extended periods of time.
  • Steam smoke inhalation: steam is a great option for unclogging sinuses. A warm shower or special steam cabin is appropriate for this.
  • Use a warm steam bath: a wet, warm, clean towel can provide immediate relief from sinusitis symptoms.
  • Try physical solution nasal drops. Using a mixture of physical solutions in the nose can reduce pain and help eliminate runny noses.
  • Wash your sinuses yourself: there are devices on the market that can help you clean your sinuses. To do this, use a saline solution prepared with distilled water and make sure the device is sterile before use.
  • Drink lots of water: In sinusitis, the body produces excessive amounts of mucus. Drinking plenty of water will definitely help reduce the viscosity of this mucus.

2. cure occipital neuralgia

First, you can try family-oriented methods.

  • Simple remedies such as enjoying a soft room or directly warming the back of the head can be very effective.
  • Cervical massage can help alleviate symptoms.
  • Over-the-counter narcotics such as ibuprofen and naproxen still provide adequate pain relief.

If these medications do not help, medical attention may be required.

  • Some anticonvulsants such as carbamazepine and antidepressants may be prescribed.
  • For endless uncontrollable pain, a medical professional may require the use of steroids or nerve blocks. Great solution. for burning sensation In the head. The effects of the injections can be short-lived treatment or can be administered over several months.
  • Microvascular decompression, which reduces pressure on the nerve, can also be used for this purpose. the treatment Occipital nerve pain.
  • Occipital nerve stimulation: can be used to block brain pain.
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3. trigeminal neuralgia healing.


Medications are often used as the first method of reducing the frequency and severity of pain. Antidepressants, muscle relaxants, and antidepressants are often prescribed.


  • Glycerin injection: This injection helps block the transmission of signals from the trigeminal nerve. This is a simple outpatient procedure.
  • Stereotactic radio surgery: Using a constant stream of frequent radiation, the roots of the trigeminal nerve are irradiated to stop the migration of pain signals.
  • Radiofrequency heat lesions: a hollow needle is placed precisely at the location of the trigeminal nerve. Once in the actual location, the nerve is destroyed by the heating.
  • Gamma Knife Radio Surgery: This procedure uses gamma radiation to eliminate the nerve. It is clear, effective, and more harmless than other procedures.
  • Microvascular decompression: The idea behind this procedure is to close the affected nerves and eliminate pressure. This procedure is much more invasive than other procedures.
  • Other options: there are several other options for curing symptoms such as trigeminus noulgia and pain. or burning sensation Nerves can be severed in the head or the blood vessels around the nerves can be moved. & lt; pran & gt; stereotactic radio surgery: using a constant stream of frequent radiation, the trigeminal nerve roots are irradiated to stop the movement of pain signals.

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