Cough When You re Lying Down: 7 Causes and Treatments

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According to the numbers, cough is considered one of the most popular culprits in medical visits. In fact, numerous different reasons are known to have every occasion you cough Usually it is not a reason for concern, but coughing in certain postures (e.g. lying) indicates that it is important. Most medical professionals then try to find out why the cough is there before prescribing a family a treatment Prescribing. Read about the possible causes of this condition and when you should seek medical assistance.

Why do you cough lying down?

1. sour reflux (GERD)

Sour reflux can cause you to cough when you lie down. This is because if you lie down, there is still a chance that pancreatic acid, which causes heartburn and stomach complaints, can enter the non-bull space. If you suspect the problem is related to acid reflux, consider eating earlier and sorting it out with minimal food.

2. dry air

You may cough If you are lying on your front, you stay in an environment with dry air. Drought tends to strain the throat and nose. to coughs .

3. asthma

In addition to wheezing into the air, almost everyone with asthma still notices dry cough If you cough when lying down, rule it out by having your doctor rule it out for an asthma test.

4. sinusitis

The culprit could be a sinus infection or another long-term disease or allergy that causes a steaming or symptomatic nose. If your sinuses are hidden, mucus has a chance to drip along the back of your throat, causing it to tickle annoyingly.

5. iron deficiency

Iron deficiency can cause complaints and swelling in the posterior region of the larynx. This causes coughing. To solve this problem, some iron supplements elementary can be arrested.

6. drug problems

Certain medications, including ACE inhibitors for the highest blood pressure, have every opportunity to lead to one dry cough If you are taking medications, your doctor or pharmacist can probably tell you whether they have coughs whether you are lying.

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7. heart problems

Lack of a heart can be of little importance, such as a heart that the blood does not pass through the system at normal levels. When this occurs, legitimate water days have the opportunity to accumulate into non-energetic ones. In addition to coughing when you lie, you may also notice other signs of shortness of breath during exercise or during ankle swelling.

When to Seek Medical Assistance

If your nighttime cough If your cough lasts longer than 7 days, go to your own doctor to determine the cause and find appropriate treatment. treatment While lying down for a lengthy field nonsense visit to the doctor, there are certain symptoms of coughing and even continuous coughing.

  • Suddenly a heavy cough begins
  • Thick and embarrassing green mucus
  • Unintended weight loss
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Problems breathing or shortness of breath
  • High fever
  • Coughing that releases blood
  • Striding during breathing (high sound)
  • Cough in persons younger than 3 months

Treatment for coughing

1. bathe/shower carefully

Drought in your airways cough Some people find lighting by taking a bath or shower just before bed. However, if you have asthma, be careful with this method as it may aggravate your asthma. cough Instead of helping this.

2. check the humidity

Humidifiers can help lower your humidity. cough If the air in your home is dry. Additionally, remember to use sterile water to prevent bacteria. However, high humidity in a room can cause coughing because common allergens such as fungi and dust mites thrive. you want to reach a humidity of 40% to 50%. You can purchase a hygrometer at a hardware store to measure humidity.

3. secure the bedspread.

Before going to bed, have everything ready in case you notice a cough shower near your desk. This should include. cough drops or medicine, water, and everything else you can help. Thus, if you start coughing when you are gone, these things have a good chance to help you stop coughing and reduce irritation.

4. sometimes bedding

People who cough during leveling should consider cleaning their bedding regularly. If allergies are present, make sure bedding is not irregular. Dust mites usually cause allergies, but can be removed by washing bedding with hot water once a week.

5. support the head

In cases when your cough Due to the sinuses walking along the larynx, supporting the head can prevent this. If the head is higher than the rest of the body, small stones cannot accumulate in the throat, resulting in less coughing.

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6. adjust your own sleep position

Sleep posture is strongly associated with coughing on the left side. Many studies have shown that sleeping on your back increases the risk of heart attack, sleep paralysis, sleep apnea, and asthma. Sleeping on your back reduces the oxygen supply to the blood and increases pressure on the non-weight-bearing body. This requires deeper and faster breathing. Sleeping on the prone position reduces coughing, but puts more pressure on the internal organs. The perfect posture is to sleep on your side.

7. adjust your lifestyle

Try making some simple changes to your type of lifestyle. For example, a good one.

  • Drink plenty of water to get rid of mucus in the throat
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Keep away from weightless irritants and secondhand smoke
  • Talk to your doctor about changing your medications
  • Avoid allergens if you are allergic to them
  • Consider a cough lozenges or hard candies, but are not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

8. medicines

If you have sinus discomfort that causes coughing while airborne, try neti pots, over-the-counter allergy medications, or prescription nasal drops to relieve symptoms. Always consult your physician before taking the appropriate medication, especially if you have an existing medical condition.



Cough Suppressants

These over-the-counter medications suppress coughing. dry cough And they act as expectorants that increase productivity. cough Veld children under 6 years of age should not use them.


This drink opens the nasal passages and allows for more sniffing.


Helps dry nasal discharge and relieve pain coughs caused by allergies.


These open the airways and increase flow in weightlessness, making breathing easier. They are ideal for for cough due to asthma.


They reduce inflammation and are more likely to treat asthma and COPD.

Nasal Corticosteroids

These medicated sprays reduce nasal inflammation and relieve runny nose, itching, and sneezing.

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