Fluctuating Body Temperature

Fluctuating Body Temperature

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Normal body temperature 36 degrees Celsius or 98.2 degrees Fahrenheit, but you body can change it. the temperature adjust for different seasons and living conditions. Your normal body temperature continue to vary in the direction of the day – you can usually notice a change of up to 1°F in the direction of the day, which depends on how well you are functioning. That means that … fluctuating body temperature It’s actually considered part of your body protective devices. However, it is important to ensure that yours is fluctuating body temperature not be considered the result of a serious illness. Read on to learn more about it.

Causes of fluctuating body temperature

Naturally, your body changes its temperature All respond to environmental changes that are stretching You body will lose heat when the temperature are on the high side from your area. You body do this by making you sweat. That way, excess heat is expelled through your skin. Sweating helps. body good. On the other hand body try to keep warm when the temperature your environment is low. You can help your body blood vessels complete the task by sending blood from the small capillaries to the warmer areas. the body This causes your muscles to vibrate. Shivering has the ability to produce heat and you body maintains its temperature .

Fluctuating Body Temperature

The following are other causes of joints fluctuating body temperature .

1. lifting the body.

It often happens that it temperature fluctuation with babies, this is mainly because their bodies are still growing. The temperature It increases in the direction of a few days after birth, but this decreases slightly from childhood to middle age.

2. hormonal changes

You may be noticing fluctuations in your body temperature As a result of hormonal changes. Women temperature increases during menstruation – the same happens after menopause. Due to the metabolic make-up of pregnancy, you still accumulate. body temperature .

3. circadian rhythms

Your temperature may fluctuate Due to the configuration of circadian rhythms. Min. temperature Prevents almost 2 hours before waking up. You experience cold autonomously from a stable environment. temperature .

4. fever

Your temperature may fluctuate Fever is considered a cumulative sign of different diseases. Fever is present when rectal temperature is temperature 101°F and mouth temperature 100°F. certain infections, injuries, traumas, along with other diseases such as arthritis and non-weight bearing cancers, are still more likely to increase you body temperature .

5. hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is one of the many causes of of fluctuating body temperature The thyroid gland controls how you can body Human cells use energy from food – this process is called metabolism. Your metabolism can be slowed by certain diseases or other disorders called hypothyroidism. You body temperature metabolism slows and falls off when you feel cold. More signs of hypothyroidism are fatigue, constipation, muscle aches, depression.

6. diabetes

Insulin imbalance is considered an important cause of diabetes and other metabolic disorders. It still includes a link to your core. body temperature 6. Researchers have noticed that the penetration of insulin into certain areas of the mouse brain may lead to an increase in its intensity. body temperature Also, the rate of drug metabolism. This indicates that diabetes may affect your brain. body temperature and cause fluctuations .

7. other causes

Abnormal fluctuation of body temperature May be due to infections or other diseases such as arthritis, trauma, injury, brain tumors, etc. Certain medications still have a chance. body temperature . Alcohol consumption still has a chance to be premature. body temperature to fluctuate .

How to cope with fluctuating body temperatures

To maintain good health, it is important to take steps to ensure you body temperature rise and fall not so fast. At your event. body temperature Do not wear high, heavy clothing, take baths in warm water and drink plenty of cold liquids. If you are body temperature low, wear warm clothes and drink warm liquids.

When is it a footnote to consult a physician?

Your rapid rise or decrease body temperature can have dramatic consequences. Therefore, it is important to consult a physician if the temperature is body temperature greater than 111°F and less than 79°F. It is recommended that you call your own physician if temperatures are temperature temperatures are above 104°F and will not drop after a few hours of home remedies. If you have a persistent fever, this may be due to a viral illness.

Also call your own doctor if you have a fever body temperature 2 days 102°F, 3 days 3 days 101°F or 4 days 4 days 100°F. It is also a good idea that you consult your own doctor low body temperature that persists.

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