Full Nelson Sex Position

But if you’re having vaginal sex, it’s a bit more tricky. She’ll need to tilt her hips so that you can enter her.

Sex position #413. Full nelson

Sex position #413 - Full nelson. (anal sex, woman on top, from behind, lying down). Kamasutra - Photo, picture, image

Sex is obviously better than sport and extremely pleasurable for both partners. The man lies on his back with legs bent at the knees and driven apart. The woman lies on top of him and presses her bent legs to her breasts. The male partner wraps his arms underneath her legs from behind to pick her up. He moves in and out of woman while holding her. Though it is woman on top position, she relaxes and let the partner do most of the work.

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Khushi Tirkey 08.04.2021 в 17:14
I tried the ‘Full nelson’ it was fucking good
Vergill 28.08.2021 в 12:04

Tried this position with my wife, we both enjoyed this position but she described this position as brutal. She said she was completely helpless while being rocked in this position but still she liked this very much and now we do this every time we make love.

Vergill 29.08.2021 в 21:21

My wife insisted me to rock her in this position, she loved it. I manhandled her and rammed her butthole once I locked her in this position as she was completely helpless until I set her free. Do not try if your partner doesn’t have a good flexible body, my wife is an athlete and also practice yoga, or else you will end up giving your partner a severe backache.

Rodney 12.12.2021 в 15:54

I have to get my girlfriend drunk before we do anal in this position. She likes to be manhandled and I can achieve great anal penetration while locking her into place

S, Able 16.12.2021 в 05:32

We tried this, my partner was dominant and larger of us 2 guys. He’s strong and we did this him standing. I was not in control at all as he held me quite tight. Once his cock was in me it was so enjoyable.

Do NOT Use The Full Nelson Sex Position Unless She Does This…

It’s fairly popular in porn cause it makes for a great camera view, but the full nelson sex position is one I suggest you stay away from except for 1 very specific situation… more on that below.

First, here’s how it’s done.

full nelson sex position

You typically start out in reverse cowgirl. Transition into the Pearly Gates. Then she folds her legs towards her head.

You reach your arms under her knees and then back up behind her head, putting her into a “head & leg lock”. If you can reach, join your hands together and interlock your fingers.

Lift your legs slightly and bend them at the knees putting the soles of your feet flat on the bed. Now thrust from the bottom while holding her in place.

Why You Should NOT Use The Full Nelson Sex Position

Below you’ll learn the 1 instance where this can be a great and useful position. First, here are a few of the reasons why it’s usually a bad position for most situation.

It’s not easy to pull off.

She’s got to be bendy. She needs the flexibility to bend her legs far back enough that you can hug them and still reach far enough to put your hands on her head.

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You also have to worry about balance. All of her body weight is on top of yours and falling over to one side or the other is all too easy. So if you are going to try the position, take a second to figure out your balance before you start thrusting.

The fact that her entire body weight is lying on top of you can be uncomfortable and restrict your breathing.

It can throw her off the path to orgasm psychologically.

Distraction kills women’s orgasms. In order for a woman to orgasm, she’s got to be in the moment and focused on the physical sensations of pleasure. If she’s worried about the bills, what you think of her, or feeling pressured to orgasm, it’s not going to happen.

Getting into the full nelson curls her lower body and “smashes” her belly together. In other words, it’s going to create those rolls on her tummy. Even if she’s really fit, a curled belly creates those pouches that no one likes to see.

Also, because your hands are behind her head, it’s going to tilt her head forward and what’s in her direct line of sight?

Those distracting belly rolls.

Now she’s focused on something she doesn’t like about her body instead of focusing on fun and pleasure. It’s almost guaranteed to ruin her orgasm.

Full Nelson Sex Position

It Doesn’t Give Her What She Needs

If you read my other blog posts, you know that I’m vehemently against “fucking from the bottom” because all it ends up doing is messing up her grove.

When a woman gets on top, she will ride in the perfect motion required to reach orgasm. If you pay attention in bed, you’ve likely noticed that “perfect motion” is NOT going straight in and out… like most guys do. So let her find her ideal motion and then ride you to orgasm.

The full nelson is different because she can’t do any thrusting. Also, as you’re about to see, one of the only times I suggest you try this position is if she needs deep and fast thrusting in order to orgasm.

The Only Time You Should Use The Full Nelson Sex Position

So now that you know why you shouldn’t use this position, it’s time to go over why you should. Or more accurately when you should.

Obviously you want to try this position if your woman asks for it specifically or if you’re both committed to checking every sex position off your bucket list.

But here’s the big one…

The only time I recommend the full nelson…

If you’re a regular reader, then you know how much I hammer on the fact that all women are different and you need to adapt your techniques to match your womans preferences.

When it comes to giving a woman orgasms, you generally find the technique that works best for her and keep going all the way to a climax.

Some women need you to increase the speed or pressure right at the end, some need you to keep doing the exact same thing…

But there are some women who just won’t cross the finish line unless you do something dramatically different when she’s nearing the peak.

If your woman is like this, then the full nelson sex position just might be the missing link to making her come.

Full Nelson Sex Position

If she rides you in cowgirl and manages to bring herself to the brink of orgasm but can never cross the finish line, it’s highly likely she needs something completely different right before her orgasm disappears.

This is the only time I recommend you try this position out.

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Even in that case, I wouldn’t recommend the full, full nelson.

Do the position as described above but only wrap your arms around her legs, not her head.

As we talked about, it can get her focused on her belly… and it’s just not very comfortable. It puts an uncomfortable (possibly even painful) strain on the neck to will distract her focus.

So try out the full nelson WITHOUT your hands behind her head and also check out some of the variations below.

Different Ways To Do The Full Nelson Sex Position

Oystered Nelson

oystered nelson position

This is a variation of both the full nelson and the Viennese Oyster.

Instead of putting your hands behind her head and creating the neck strain and inevitable view of her belly rolls, she’s the one who’s dictating just how much she wants to get into position.

If she’s already comfortable doing the Viennese oyster (sometimes referred to as the pretzel position), then this is just a matter of doing the pose while she’s lying on top of you instead of the other way around.

Think of it as the oyster but she’s on top instead of you.

The biggest challenge in this position will be for her to keep her balance so make sure you get that settled before you start thrusting.

Nelson’s Sandwich (Threesome Position)


Just as it sounds, this one is for a threesome. Use it with another guy or girl if one wears a strap-on.

One of you can enter her vagina while the other is in her ass, or you could both enter the same hole.

Just make sure she’s okay with it first.

A major benefit to this version is that the guy (or girl) on top can do all the thrusting while the guy (or girl) on the bottom stays in place. As long as the top giving is thrusting hard enough, it’ll rock your woman back and forth on you as well.

Dog Meet Nelson

Dog Meet Nelson sex pose

It might look like something only possible in a hentai cartoon, but it is doable and can be fun to try.

Start in a standing doggy. Her feet flat on the floor, bent over at the waist, and hands on the ground.

As you stand behind her, bend forward and wrap your arms under the insides of her knees.

Once you’re confident it’s safe, reach all the way behind her head and slowly pick her up off the ground.

Standing Bully Nelson

Straight bully

This one is quite simple. It’s essentially the full nelson while standing without lifting her legs.

That said, since women are usually shorter than men, she will be lifted up off the ground. If she’s flexible enough, she can also wrap her legs around your legs.

Using this position for anal? It’ll be quite easy to pound back and forth.

But if you’re having vaginal sex, it’s a bit more tricky. She’ll need to tilt her hips so that you can enter her.

Enter her while in a standing position like standing doggy and then pick her up while you stay inside her.

It’s easier said than done but can make for quite the dominant experience.

Speaking of dominant…

The Choked Nelson

choked nelson sex

Some women just LOVE to sensation of being choked during sex.

WARNING: NEVER Choke her. I said many women like the sensation. They like the idea of it. They like the feel of a strong hand wrapped around her neck with a little bit of pressure. Creating the feeling is not the same as actually doing it.

Always be careful with choking.

Instead of reaching your hands behind your woman’s head, put your hands around her neck.

Make sure she has a way of giving you feedback. She needs some way of letting you know if it’s too much.

Obviously you can’t see her facial expression in this position. You might not be able to hear her say her safe word. And since her arms are “locked up”, she might not be able to give you a gestures. All this makes it that much more important that you establish some way of communicating when it’s too much.

So there you have it.

The full nelson sex position, why you should or shouldn’t use it, and a whole bunch of fun variations.

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