Male Bladder Infection: Symptom, Cause and Treatment

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A bladder infection is a urinary tract infection caused Bacteria. This type of infection As with almost all UTIs, women are more common than men due to anatomical differences in the urinary tract. The shorter urethra for women increases the risk of bacteria migrating into the urethra. the bladder urethra, but women are more likely to suffer urinary tract infections, bladder infection in males not unique. And so far. the symptoms of urinary tract infections Similar to men men. symptoms are unique to men.

Male Bladder Infection: Symptom, Cause and Treatment

What are the signs of bladder infection in men?

Different men do not have the same symptoms, but the most common ones are symptoms of bladder infection :

– Unexpected and irregular urge to pee

– Insufficient urine

– Pain in the lower back or cramps in the lower abdomen

– Burning sensation when urinating

– Often pee at night

– Impure urine that may become cloudy

– Blood in urine is your symptom. bladder Inflammation of the walls, in this case you should call for medical assistance immediately.

The following UTI symptoms It is specific to men:

– Penile separation

It is important to know that bladder infection in males After the first infection This is because bacteria get a chance to hide and multiply in the prostate gland.

What causes cystitis?

Bladder infection is normally caused By bacteria that grow in the urethra. the bladder These bacteria include Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli, Klebsiella, and Pseudomonas. If they are not controlled, the infection grow further and can reach the kidneys and eventually the bloodstream.

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Although rare, bladder infection in males can sometimes be caused By fungi or other parasites.

Preventive factors for bladder infections in men.

While bladder infections UTIs are generally not common in men, but can increase the risk. These include

  • Circumcision – circumcised men are less likely to have bladder infections a bladder infection then their uncircumcised counterparts.
  • Age – Men over the age of 50 are more likely to have bladder infections due to enlargement of the prostate gland. bladder infection .
  • Preexisting disorders such as kidney stones. can cause Enclosures that increase risk. an infection .
  • Anal sex – Anal sex increases the risk of UTI.
  • Disruption of normal urinary flow. caused Catheters – Disruption of urine flow does not make it easy to flush out the virus.
  • Weak immune system caused For disorders such as HIV and diabetes

Note that a risk point means that a person is at high risk of infection. It does not mean he will get it too. a bladder infection It does not mean he will get it. The opposite is true for low risk people. They still have a good chance of getting it. For these reasons, it is advisable to be on the research platform every time, regardless of the propensity or the moment of risk. Take more steps than ever to prevent disease outbreaks. an infection .

How can bladder infections be diagnosed and treated in men?


If you think you have a bladder infection, you must go to a doctor. a bladder infection If you think you have a bladder infection, go to a medical center that can run the appropriate tests.

  • State the complete physical examination, the disease and the surgery.
  • Rectal studies to evaluate prostate conditions.
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Laboratory studies such as

  • Urinalysis
  • Urine growth to detect pathogens the infection
  • Blood tests
  • Intravenous pyelogram (IVP), a series of X-rays to detect any kind of difference in the urinary tract
  • Ultrasound, a test to detect the presence of kidney stones.

These physical examinations are performed to identify each of the most important problems and criteria with the opportunity the cause of bladder infection in men. The most important task of the physical examination is to rule out all other circumstances and to qualify the causative circumstances. It is worth noting that almost all clinical disorders have the opportunity to present similar symptoms. and symptoms .

Depending on your history, further investigation can be undertaken.


The treatment of bladder infections Usually considered the dose of the drug. The dose depends on the severity of the condition. Usually, one week of medication is sufficient. Your doctor can still prescribe pain and fever medication for treatment. the symptoms of the bladder infection .

Depending on the severity. the infection Especially in the case of prostate is infected , treatment can last from 2 to 6 months. It is very important to get the perfect medicine. Otherwise, the microorganisms get a chance to develop immunity to certain antibiotics, making them stronger.

How do you prevent recurrent bladder infections in men?

The following lifestyle and dietary adjustments can help prevent recurrence of bladder infection :

  • Drinking large amounts of water promotes urination, which flushes bacteria from the urinary tract.
  • Immediately after intercourse, the risk of recurrence decreases. of infection .
  • Ensure good hygiene, especially before and after intercourse.
  • Protect and support your sexy partner to have safe sex.
  • Do not urinate for too long. Otherwise, it provides the perfect environment for bacteria to hang.
  • If you have diabetes, make sure your blood sugar is under control.
  • Make sure you and your sex partner are treated well any infections Prevent transfer.
  • If you have a weak immune system, ensure a healthy lifestyle that maintains your immune system. This includes a balanced diet and the use of probiotics such as yogurt and cranberry juice.

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