Sinus Reflexology: where and how

Sinus Reflexology: where and how

Many readers are interested in the right subject: sinus reflexology: where and how. Our manufacturer is pleased to report that we have already researched contemporary studies on this fascinating subject. We base our extensive answers on the latest medical reports, advanced research papers, and sample surveys. Keep repeating to find out more.

Allergies, infections, environmental contaminants, and irritants have every opportunity sinuses This leads to pain that can change from mild dullness to severe pain. Drawing. sinuses Can be used to illuminate to some degree of reflexology . The technique of reflexology Based on the use of pressure on certain parts of the arms and legs that suggest specific parts of the body.

Sinus reflexology

The reflexology points for sinuses Are located on the backs of all fingers, except both fingers, the fingernail gut, the gut of all fingers, the gut of all fingers, the gut of all fingers, the gut of all fingers. They are fairly easy to find and represent everything! the sinus tissue that when it is stimulated it can be very effective when losing sinus related issues.

1. the most important basta of reflexology

The main reflexology The points correspond to the sinuses the tips and bottoms of both thumbs. To introduce this area should be massaged. A good way to do this is to subtract the toes from the designated end and use the area with the big thumbs in a soft radial motion while trying to flatten the herbs. Use the right hand on the right foot and the left hand on the left foot.

2-Nose Reflexology Busta.

Reflexology for sinuses Also connect the points in front of the nose with both big toes, the right side of the nose is represented by the left big toe and the front busta on the left side of the nose is placed on the right foot foot. The definite location of these points is above the fist and next to the nail. where The skin is on the only opposite side of the foot.

Function: Stimulation the reflexology The points of the nose, the energy balance, and the harmony of the nostrils have every opportunity to restore the goodness disturbed by sneezing and mucus. Since the mouth does not produce mucus membrane but acts as a passage through which it flows, stimulation of these points has the ability to alleviate obstruction but does not decrease mucus production. Massage these points in combination the sinus Stimulation of these points can relieve a stuffy nose.

Use: To properly and effectively introduce the North, the opposite hand must be used on these points (left hand on the right foot and vice versa). 2. support the thumb with the fingers, massage the sides of the toes with the fingers, moving laterally from the sides of the toes to the cause of the foot, spending 30 seconds massaging the toes

3. arms and hands

Stimulating reflexology Points on the hands and arms can help relieve sinus related symptoms such as headaches and breathing difficulties. Massaging these points increases blood flow to sinuses which can aid in faster drainage. Massaging these points also promotes better circulation in different parts of the body, especially the neck, personality, and head. Excellent quality of use reflexology for sinuses Well noted. Most important hands and hands:

Sinus Reflexology: where and how

Between index finger and thumb: pressing for 2 minutes at the joint between the thumb and index finger is very suitable to reduce nasal pain and irritation.

Sinus Reflexology: where and how

Fingertips and nails: the best method is to apply pressure on the tops of the fingers (behind the nails) continuously for a short time.

Medial Gate: The area behind the wrist is called the medial gate. Applying pressure in this area with the thumb can be very effective.

Acupressure points on the sinuses.

Reflexology for sinuses This is useful, but it is useful reflexology It is not only the points that offer a good chance for illumination. You can have the appropriate acupressure points tried.

1. nasal bridge massage

Massaging the nasal bridge and constant pressure for 5 minutes with large fingers in the area close to the eyes can relieve nasal congestion very well. Both sides can be pressed simultaneously or alternately for best drainage of mucus.

2. nasal wings

The pressure point for sinuses Located on the cheeks, not including the end of each nostril. Press this area with a large finger or fingers in about a quarter direction, this leads to better breathing and colorless nasal passages.

3. base of the skull

Holding the head in your hands, place your fingers behind the ears and trace the bones of the skull backward to reach the source of pressure points at the base of the skull. Press on these points for 2 minutes and rub these areas once a day. This will give important illumination in the event of frost, headache, or obstruction.

4. hol point

There is a large cavity in the back of the neck. where The head connects to this. This pressure buster corresponds the sinuses Pressing this with the middle finger for about 4 minutes will not only help relieve headaches associated with nasal congestion, but also help reduce stress.

5. external tibial busta

This busta is located under the kneecap on the side of the tibia. where The bone goes with the muscles. It is located on the right side of the right leg and on the opposite side. Massage this area and apply pressure here, this will lead to better circulation of the ear. and sinuses This will improve blood flow and provide signs of illumination.

6. collar bone

Sinus Reflexology: where and how

Pressure points on the clavicles for sinuses Located in the cavity under each clavicle. where The clavicle joins the sternum. Pressure here accentuates the immune system and increases.., in sinus infections.

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