What Causes Burning Back Pain?

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Skin burning, often referred to as “pins and needles,” is medically known as anesthesia. These symptoms usually begin with a tingling sensation that may turn into a numbing sensation. Almost everyone often complains about the loss of feeling, but may still feel a burning sensations of intensity or when touched. In some cases a burning often the result of an injury, nerve damage, or a symptom of an illness. Usually, a clear underlying cause can be determined by the location of the sensation.В the back It could be a pinch nerve or injury to one of the nerves in the spinal cord. This post will certainly help you understand this position, how it happens and how it is treated.

Causes of burning sensation in the back

burning The burning sensation can be related to a health condition. It is important to consult a physician each time for actual diagnosis and healing. Conditions include

1. back injury

The back Your back is composed of muscles, tendons, nerves, and bones. This part of your body is very sensitive and can be injured if misused. This can destroy careful tissue which can lead to hernias, spinal curves, osteoarthritis, and fractures. the back .

2- Burn/ freezing

Skin that burns hot liquids and very large amounts of sun can lead to burning of the skin on the back freezing because the skin freezes very cold. This can lead to burning emotion, followed by numbness.

3. neuropathy

  • Multiple S- cler Syndrome: this is a condition that affects the nerves in the body. It can destroy the outer protective layer of nerves. It has the ability to a burning sensation in back also in different areas of the body.
  • Peripheral neuropathy: These types of disorders are caused by damage to the nerves in the body. Some of the causes are diabetes and disasters. Blood supply to the nerves is cut off and there is an opportunity for the nerves to become damaged and cause the following a burning Emotion and numbness in the affected body part
  • Nerve pain: This is a picture of nerve irritation caused by shingles, pressure on bones, trauma, diabetes, etc. Nerve pain looks like a burning Felt over the entire surface of the nerve.
  • Central Pain Syndrome: This is caused by nerve damage to the body’s central nervous system. It can be caused by cerebrovascular tragedy (stroke), Parkinson’s disease, pressure from a tumor, spinal cord, epilepsy.
  • Ischias: This is a fairly important nerve that runs from the lower extremities. back leg runs. It is the main nerve that keeps your legs and feet moving and damage can be very painful. Ischia is usually due to one back damage, chylous disc or spine (spinal stenosis). This condition may begin as strong pain or as mild pain. burning sensation.
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4. vascular disease of the peripheries.

Lack of blood flow to the veins causes damage to the veins. This can lead to. a burning sensation or burning pain in the area.

5. wervelhernia

Misuse of the back Can lead to changes and irregularities in the disks. This leads to herniation, which is in burning pain, back pain and immobility. the back .

6. calcium deficiency

Calcium deficiency can lead to the extraction of calcium from the bones, which can cause pain. This is known as osteoporosis and can lead to a burning sensation in back and back pain. One of the criteria leading to calcium deficiency in the body is hypoglycemia. Other causes are inadequate calcium intake or vitamin D deficiency.

7. cervical sponge loin

Old age, wear, and cracks have every opportunity to affect the joints in the neck region a burning Sensation in the upper back and neck region. It is also called arthritis of the neck of the uterus. This condition can be caused by injury and the type of work you do. Cervical lesions can be serious and if you have other symptoms such as loss of bowel or bladder control or breathing problems you must go to the doctor immediately.

8. kneagle

Any sudden back Displacement of the neck and destruction of soft fleshy tissue. This is not uncommon in motor vehicle accidents and can lead to one a burning feeling in the upper part of the body. back area and neck.

9. GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease).

A burning Feeling in the middle. the back Can be caused by acid returning from the stomach. The acid can back to flow into the food channel and cause chest and abdominal pain, and burning sensations.

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10. beriberi.

This is a condition caused by vitamin B-1 deficiency; there are two different types: wet and dry. For example, there are two different ones: wet and dry. The wet pattern can cause a decrease in heart function, leading to cardiac deficiency; the dry pattern can cause a decrease in heart function, leading to cardiac deficiency. Dry patterns affect the nerves and can cause muscle sampling and numbness. burning sensation and possibly paralysis. This condition must be tackled and treated. Otherwise, it can be fatal. To prevent this disease, it is important to eat plenty of products containing vitamin B-1. Eat plenty of meat, complete grains, and dairy products.


Treatments for burning sensation in back Depends on the starting point. A temporary smooth sore is temporary, and a smooth sore that is not the result of an injury can pass automatically. If there is long term fat. burning pain in your back It is important to go to a doctor for evaluation and healing. Some causes are very serious and need to be treated immediately.

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Alex Koliada, PhD

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