Why Do You Get Bruising After Massage?

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The practice of massage Very antique. In the past few centuries, all kinds of techniques and giving techniques have evolved. a massage Refined and perfected. Deepest tissue. massage is a form of massage Approaching the deepest tissue, the button or force from the muscle, connective tissue or fascia is removed. There is an advanced advantage that can be achieved with deep tissue support. massage The deepest tissues are the most sensitive to the forces of the muscle and connective tissues. However, sometimes there is a little bruising after massage is noticed.

Is bruising normal after massage?

No, bruising It does not matter. It happens from time to time and is mainly due to damage to the blood vessels in the underlying tissues. massage The therapist applies greater pressure on the muscle tissue. Deeper tissue. massage Can be somewhat uncomfortable due to the additional pressure, but should never be painful. The main goal of deep tissue massage Designed to simplify pain, not increase it. Wrong technique can cause injury. in bruising .

Why does this happen?

Between the underlying tissues. massage the massage The therapist applies pressure to the deepest muscle and connective tissue beneath the muscle. Strong pressure is needed to loosen or release these buttons, which may cause the fascia to get stuck and knot. Applying the proper pressure and technique is critical to prevent injury. or bruising after massage .

This supporting pressure may lead to in bruising . The bruising is mainly due to:

1. cracking of the blood vessels

The bruising 2. or discoloration. This can sometimes be noticed after a thorough loss of fabric. massage This is due to blood collecting under the skin or from the muscles. 2. jumped blood vessel cracks due to the pressure applied during the a massage . When blood collects under the skin, it is called subcutaneous blood. bruise And when it comes from the muscles, it is called intramuscular. bruise .

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2. honey disorder

Some people are more susceptible to bruising then others, and they tend to evolve. bruises after massage . This is mainly due to skin and fragile blood vessels. Skin texture and vascular fragility depend on many factors, including

  • Genetic
  • age
  • Certain medications such as corticosteroids and blood thinners.
  • Bleeding or blood clotting disorders
  • Vitamin deficiencies, especially vitamin C deficiency.
  • Sun exposure and skin damage.
  • Certain diseases that cause tight, weak skin.

Some people have a talent for developing bruising after massage And if so. the massage You need to change your technique. You can consult your therapist or chiropractor to change the form of massage There are all kinds of shapes available. of massages Available to enjoy more healing pressure.

Don’t be shy about talking to your therapist. the massage If you are in the past, your therapist any bruising following a massage in the past, or if you tend to be to bruise easy. If you experience any form of pain, you can ask them to apply more deployment.

What to do.

If you develop bruising after a massage The best thing you can do is to place a cool compress or ice cream compress on the affected area. This will reduce blood flow in the crushed blood vessels and they will bleed less. the ICA gasket will help reduce swelling and inflammation. This is the best strategy for the first 48 hours. After that, warm compresses can be used. Do not apply extra pressure to the affected area. This can make the injury worse.

If the area is very painful and there is no relief after applying ice packs or passionate compressions, you can take an anesthetic in consultation with your doctor or health professional.

If you feel right or systematically use blood and use medications, you will develop bruising after massage You need to contact your doctor immediately for an urgent evaluation.

Myths about massage you need to know

1. myth 1: you will be able to a massage They are similar from all rooms.

All massages They are not the same and there is a wide range of inexpensive ways to cure all kinds of disorders. Massage offered in a spa is intended for relaxation, while massage in a hospital or clinic may treat disorders such as back pain, muscle spasms, and other disorders. It is the basis of what trained massage therapists to get the most benefit.

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2. myth 2: the most important goal of massage is to move muscles.

It is not only the muscles that are addressed during the time a massage . The purpose of massage muscle effort, connective tissue, and more fundamental structures are simplified. In fact. massage it may lead to better flow of lymph and may reduce water accumulation. It also leads to improved blood supply and availability of the maximum number of caloric products.

3 Myth 3: Massage is somewhat effective.

That is a common misconception. the massage Only temporary relief of muscle pain is guaranteed. I am well trained. massage therapist can help you improve your posture, and after a few systematic sessions, your muscles will be rebuilt and your posture problems will be solved.

4. myth 4: cancer cells have the opportunity to spread to the body with the help of the body. massage .

There is practically no truth to this. Cancer cells have no opportunity to spread. a massage . On the contrary, a massage Made by trained professionals, it can illuminate the pain and discomfort of those undergoing chemotherapy or battling cancer.

5. Myth 5: If the massage The pain is then felt effectively.

The basic purpose of a massage It is a cheap relief of pain, and if there is no pain afterwards, there is no truth in that expression. a massage It was not good. Then you may feel a little restricted in the deepest tissue bed. massage But if there is no pain later, it is absolutely not bad. the massage .

6. myth 6: drinking water after the procedure massage is a must.

It makes no sense to drink large amounts of water afterwards. a massage To get rid of free toxins. If you have normal kidneys and liver, your body will take care of itself. As a rule, drinking water does not harm you in case you are thirsty afterwards. pran & gt; trained professionals, pain and discomfort can relieve those who are undergoing chemotherapy or fighting cancer. a massage .

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