Constipation in Babies

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New caregivers worry about them every time. baby Health. They search daily for small reassignments, such as the occasional smile or babies It’s okay. As a new caregiver, you can’t reach baby SOOP. regular pooping shows your own baby properly nurtured. If you are not baby not pooping as usual, this can indicate a problem. Do you know how you baby has constipation what the problem is? Symbols, Conditions, and Treatment Options for constipation in babies are outlined below.

Constipation in Babies

How do you indicate that your baby is suffering from a blockage

Babies do not follow one schedule of their own bowel movements. Their bowel movements and poop texture sometimes vary. The right symptoms are expected of you. baby is constipated :

  • Pain, discomfort, sobbing, and frustration before defecation.
  • The baby ‘s belly is hard
  • Shit looks like a constant dry ball and is not easy to pass
  • Less than 3 seats per week
  • Lack of appetite
  • Pooping and swirling with an abominable aroma
  • Very watery shit is still considered a sign of constipation Fieldsom Watery shit. the baby In the intestines. This could be a new diarrhea, but is really a sign of constipation .

What are the causes?

1. solid food.

Constipation in babies Often occurs first babies with a hard body as the body is trained to digest and introduce food. Fixed foods such as high-fiber rice cereals have every opportunity to cause a soft body. constipation Usually the field is produced from the chest. baby The first time of grief. baby You sometimes get from breast milk baby Dehydration symptoms and lead to constipation .

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2. milk formula

Exclusive breastfeeding sometimes leads to constipation Breast milk proteins and fats are in balance. Breastfeeding babies Smooth stools, even if it takes a few days to defecate.

If you feed your baby With bottle feeding you are baby more likely to be constipation bottle milk is more difficult to digest than breast milk, which can lead to a harder, firmer mouthfeel. Bottle feeding, especially some components of protein, can cause to constipation Therefore, a physician should be consulted before switching from one brand of bottle feed to another.

3. dehydration.

When your dog is dry, the body feeds more water from food, drink, and waste in the intestinal tract. Therefore, shit is dry and lazy zy and not easy to pass. Dehydration can occur. baby Not enough milk will pass through teeth, thrush, frost, ear infections, and throat infections. Whatever the underlying cause, act quickly to take into account a healthy baby situation. baby .

4. health condition or illness

There is seldom a policy of medical standards. to constipation However, some underlying conditions such as food allergies, hypothyroidism, metabolic disorders, botulinum may cause many health problems. constipation Field Counsel is always yours! baby doctor if you have reasons for your child to be baby Hard, dry, painful stools.

How to Help Your Own Hidden Child

Constipation in babies It is not a life-threatening problem, but it can lead you to worry about … It is great that you can apply the right methods to help your child. constipated baby :

1. introduce water or fruit juice

Add a little water to your baby daily meals to make it easier. constipation Some of the verd water is not effective. Then call for a piece of 100% of one of these fruit juices, pear, apple, or fruit juice, in a simple meal every day. At first give 2 to 4 US, i.e. 60 to 120 mm, then add or reduce according to results.

2. pureed baby food

Solid foods are considered the main cause of constipation in babies Try switching from hard goods to pureed plums or peas.

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3. belly massage

Massage your baby Gently massage the belly in a clockwise direction. Starting at the navel, move your hands in a radial motion, moving from the center of the abdomen outward and away.

4 Choose the right foods to feed.

  • Replace whole grains with refined grains or white grains such as white Rice grains can be replaced with barley flakes.
  • Take in fiber – abundant fruits, vegetables, and food baby Diet. These include peas, plums, broccoli, delicious potatoes, spinach, pears, beans, peaches, apricots, and plums.
  • Foods to avoid. constipation such as carrot baby Foods, foods thickened with the help of tapioca and applesauce.
  • Dairy products cause constipation Older children. Reduce intake of these foods by young children: refined carbohydrates, cheese, milk. Replace them with fiber-rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole-grain breads, and whole grains.

5. consider a bicycle leg.

Hold your baby If the leg is halfway up the baby located on his or her back. Move the legs in a bicycle motion. Put the bicycle leg together and massage the belly for quicker results. Assist the bicycle leg the baby pass excess gas.

6. other medicines

  • Brand Formula challenges: formulas with the highest content of flake slices and casein are more often caused constipation Field switch these brands with other brands if constipation is persistent.
  • Give a warm bath: a warm bath helps baby relax. baby Relax and skip the stool. Remember the news about the tummy after the bath.

When you go to the doctor.

Call your baby ‘s doctor if:

  • Your baby Stop eating, stop with blood, especially weight loss.
  • Home remedies do not make it easier her constipation .
  • Your baby Is less than 4 months old and has a fairly reliable bowel movement or has not had a bowel movement within 24 hours of a simple bowel movement.

Also consult a physician before giving signs or laxatives. Underlying conditions such as cystic fibrosis, Hirschsprung’s disease, hypothyroidism are rare. constipation in babies Field – Indirect medical support is important as infants constipation persists after a menu change or is accompanied by additional symptoms such as rectal bleeding or nausea.

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