How to Make Yourself Faint on Purpose

We encourage you to simulate an unpredictable position for acting purposes or to joke with someone. As a rule, a very rapid rise can cause dizziness from lying or sitting places. This is considered a reaction of the sensory system to a short-term decrease in blood supply to the brain. This dizzy sensation is relatively easy to generate but unsafe because it can lead to vomiting and nausea. Finally, trying to yourself cause unconsciousness, and make sure you have learned how to do this safely.

How to Make Yourself Unconscious

The following methods will help you fall into a faint without causing damage yourself.

1. burn oxygen

While sitting on the floor, hyperventilate or breathe thickly. Continue this for one minute, and then get up. It would be best if you stopped breathing when you woke up. Next, begin to burn by bending or running in circles. After a while, you will feel dizzy, lose vision, and fall off. In this way, you can do this faint 1. Hold your breath for a few seconds to almost a minute.

2. hold your breath

By having your breath, you can take air out of your brain. This will cause your brain to go into “crisis mode” due to the lack of air in your body. You have an opportunity. 2. dizziness and nausea if you can pause breathing for a few minutes.

3. breathe about your thumb.

How do you make yourself? Do you want to pass out? Stand, place your head between your knees, and breathe in half. Then, come up without breathing, put your thumb to work, and fan out. Do not extinguish the air while you are living with your big fingers. Keep doing this until this you faint.

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4. stop eating.

Not eating can cause you to pass out. Diabetes patients can suffer from vertigo if they take massive doses of insulin or stop checking the menu.

5. don’t forget to smoke

Inhaling large amounts of cigarette smoke can make you very dizzy if it lasts for a while. However, smoking is harmful to your health and is not safe this smoking method. You pass out.

6. stop the use of blood pressure medication

Blood pressure patients can cause faint episodes by eliminating blood pressure medications. However, this is not recommended as it is safe for your well and can be harmful.

How can we act well the way that awareness fades?

If you want to know how to act yourself, If you’re going to separate your understanding without fainting, you can try the following methods during this time

1. make

Playing the joint signs of fainting can help you to act in the right way, which is to let go of consciousness. Begin by limiting your movements, hugging your head, and complaining about the dizziness. Then blink at your eyes before you say you feel faint.

2. choose a location

Pretend you feel the signs of fainting and run to a space where you think it is harmless to collapse. Pretend you are sitting in the poop feeling weak, in case you are planning to poop. 3.

3. descend safely

Make sure you are falling well, where you pretend to disappear. Once standing, drop to your knees on the floor before the hull. If sitting, remember to fall out of the chair and land on the rear lobes of your feet.

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4. equally wrong.

Remain on the floor in an immobile but loose position for a moment. Relax your limbs. If someone tries to lift your arms, you do not resist. Even if they throw your hands, let them fall naturally to the ground. 5.

5. become a little more aware all the time

Slowly open your eyes and take a deep breath. Pretend you no longer remember how you extinguished consciousness, and someone took the light. Try to wake up, but not wholly independent. Ask someone to pull you up.

If you lose consciousness, make sure your defenses are in place.

Even if you know your way around yourself to be safe, you could lose your balance and fall, which could result in serious injury. In this way, one of the others will ensure your safety.

1. inform others.

2. splitting your heart is not safe. Finally, before you try to increase your understanding, it is better for you than for someone else to express confidence in you. Let them know that you are dizzy and that they must take you to an unoccupied space. If you are unpredictable, they still have every opportunity to worry about you.

2. protect the decrease

If you fall from a standing position and there is no one to catch you, look for a wall and try to slide down it while you are losing your balance. Falling is a severe threat to fainting, for example, because falling into a sharp object can cause injury.

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