Possible Causes of Burning Sensation on the Skin

Whenever there is tissue damage or a risk of skin damage, it can cause various types of sensations such as pain, itching, or desquamation. The burning sensation is one of the symptoms that occurs when the body tries to counteract the agent that causes the damage. Sometimes, there is a misconception that skin problems occur without any obvious cause or background. However, burning can be caused by several reasons, such as trauma, allergies, pharmaceutical reactions, nerve damage, intestinal infection, or disease.

Why does my peel feel like it is burning?

Burning sensation: While some are mild and may be independently rejected, others are severe and require medical assistance.

1. fear

When someone is worried, this leads to sensitive Skin. This means that the Skin suffers from skin rashes and itching. These reactions have every opportunity to have no significant cause. Fear can also lead to stress. Stress acts as a trigger for skin diseases such as psoriasis, herpes, and eczema. Under these criteria, the Skin will feel burning.

2. fabrics and toxins

Medications or toxins can cause burning sensations in the Skin, which can be seen with or without other signs. If a drug causes these signs, we talk about the arrest of the prescription or drugs. The effects of inaccessible medicines are the receptors, their ability to generate neurostimulation, and the composition of the brain chemistry. Burning sensation of the Skin.

Poison, when consumed intentionally or accidentally, can cause a burning sensation on the Skin. These toxic substances or toxins can be natural or synthetic. Intestinal infection with arsenic, which is widely used for intentional poisoning, can cause burning in the Skin.

3. trauma.

Your Skin feels as if he is sustaining trauma. Burning If the trauma persisted through radiation, insect bites, intense sunlight burns, heat, or chemicals caused by severe trauma or stupid force. Your Skin feels reddish, warm, and swollen due to inflammation.

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4. allergies

When exposed to allergens, the skin will feel like it is burning, which is an allergic reaction. It is not always easy to identify the allergen, but sometimes it is unmistakable, such as latex. In allergic contact dermatitis, the area of effect is the allergen area with a burning sensation. Atopic dermatitis. Burning It can also be felt without direct contact with the allergen. Combustion. Success is also experienced when anaphylaxis is present.

5. plants (herbs)

Some plants and herbs contain chemicals that can cause skin sensations and burning when they come in contact with the Skin. This can cause swelling, redness, and itching. Examples are nettles and gifsumak. Chili pepper capsaicin is used in creams to relieve the pain of these conditions, such as psoriasis, but may cause the skin to swell in an undiluted or concentrated form. To burn, Mustard oil may also be used similarly to cause skin conditions. Burning when undiluted.

6. skin diseases

In most skin conditions, the Skin feels on the Skin. However, skin flaking is the main reason someone gets a wound. This leads to mistreatment of the Skin and, therefore, a burning sensation. Outdoor conditions are contact dermatitis, eczema, measles, and psoriasis. So. the burning sensation is not associated with disease but is considered a secondary reaction caused by scratching. Microcracks in the Skin can infect microorganisms and lead to pustule formation and dripping discharge.

7. exposure to chemicals/ sun

If the corpse is exposed to solid or excessive sunlight, this can break down the upper or surface layers of the Skin. This can dry out the Skin and cause a burning sensation. Some chemicals in cosmetics and skin care products can ensure that the top layer of the skin shifts. This can make the skin more sensitive to environmental moments and warmth, leading to tingling. And a burning sensation.

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8. decompression disease of the Skin

In this condition, also known as skin tickling, the Skin feels like Skin. Burning In this condition, the skin feels reddish, itchy, and swollen, and she is getting a marbled appearance. Curling of the Skin is usually not visible, but it may happen after a dive. Gas is clogged in the blood and canceled by the bent capillaries. This can be caused by a venom bite or bites, which can be toxic.

9. peripheral neuropathy

When nerves are damaged, they become irritated, a burning skin sensation. Nerve damage is called neuropathy; when these nerves are outside the brain and spinal cord, it is called peripheral neuropathy. This can be the result of traumatic inflammation, infection, nerve tumors, metabolic, toxic, or genetic disorders.

This can be caused by nerve weather or diabetic neuropathy. If sensory nerves are affected, this can cause tingling, irritation, and numbness along with the field. Burning sensation If field motor fibers are involved, this can lead to muscle samples or paralysis.

10. diabetic neuropathy

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic metabolic disease caused by insulin deficiency or stability due to insulin deficiency. Too much sugar in the blood leads to neuropathy in different body parts. This leads to a burning sensation, Skin tingling, and tingling. Diabetic neuropathy is an irreversible process that can have devastating consequences if not controlled first.


When the Skin feels burning, it could indicate an underlying condition such as a heart attack or diabetic neuropathy. As the body’s largest organ, the Skin can indicate cosmetic disorders or systemic problems. All possible configurations of the Skin should not be ignored. Symptoms of skin rash, persistent itching, discoloration, or bumps on the Skin should prompt immediate consultation with a dermatologist.

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