We are a private billing medical practice.

Payment methods are cash/eftpos or credit card and are requested at the time of consultation.

We have Medicare Easyclaim and are able to process your Medicare refund .

ConsultationFeeMedicare Rebate
Standard (up to 20 min)$85$38.20
Long (over 20min )$130$73.95
Extended (over 40 min)$200$108.85


AVIATION & DIVE MEDICALS- Dr luke edwards - Available at Lonsdale Street Medical practice 02 6171 0130

sports and exercise physician - dr stephan praet - available at lakeview medical practice 02 5104 2100

Weekend fees

Standard: $ 90

Long:      $160

Fees vary according to the Medicare item number and individual doctor. The cost of other services can be obtained on request. Discounts may be offered at doctor’s discretion.